GSN Review: Le Portteus Wine Decanter

GSN Review: Le Portteus Wine Decanter

Le Portteus is a luxury glassware company founded by skilled artisans who were passionate about creating high-class, beautifully designed glassware. The traditional technique of mouth-blown glass is at the heart of the brand, and each piece is created with care and attention to ensure that it is truly one-of-a-kind. Over the years, Le Portteus has continued to evolve and grow, staying true to its roots while also embracing new technologies and techniques. Today, the company has expanded with manufacturing factories worldwide.

Despite its success, Le Portteus remains a family-run business, with the same commitment to quality and excellence that has always been at the heart of the brand. Whether it’s a simple tumbler or an intricate, hand-crafted decanter, every piece is a testament to the passion and skill of the company’s founders and their descendants.

Their wine decanter increases the oxygen exposure to wines, thereby releasing its natural aromas and deep flavors. As a result, it improves the taste by softening the astringent tannins and letting the fruit and floral aromas come out. The lead-free red crystal wine decanter is handcrafted with highly durable crystal, with the capacity of a full 750 ml wine bottle. The decanter set also includes a fine cork ball stopper. The slanted spout and wide bottom eliminates the frustration of wine drips and stains. Lastly, the included cleaning beads are uniquely designed to be gentle on decanters removing any buildup without leaving a scratch. The high-grade steel pellets are an easy cleaning solution that you can reuse repeatedly.

GSN’s Remarks: This piece certainly makes an elegant statement at home or on your backbar. It’s a great conversation piece and is perfect for an evening’s entertainment with its 750ml capacity. We recommend filling it with Port which will benefit greatly by the gentle oxidation provided by the bottle shape. We especially like the price point of less than $50 for the decanter kit, which makes it a great gift idea for the oenophile. GSN Rating: A


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